Combo PLAB Package for Purchase

Purchase a combined package comprising all the PLAB - Virtual Lab simulations for a specific grade to save both cost and time.

Upon purchasing this package, you gain access to all the items within that package, conveniently located in one place, and can use them without any restrictions for one year.

PLAB provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in each laboratory experiment within a simulated environment, allowing them to undertake all necessary actions for a deeper understanding of the experiments.


Sorting materials into groups

Explore how different real life objects can be categorized into different groups based on their properties



Does light travel in a straight line or can it bend ? Try bending a tunnel to check this out for yourselves. Build a periscope to help a sailor navigate a submarine. Put your concepts of light through more such exciting applications. You get to be a detective as well as you decode a cryptic message and destroy the evidence - using nothing but concepts of light !!


Light and Shadow

Does light travel through certain objects ? How are shadows formed ? Is Eclipse a form of a shadow ? Get answers to these type of questions and much more, as you play with lights and shadows. And yes, you get to make your own pin hole camera as well !!


Electricity & Circuits

Understand the basics of electricity with this simulation. What constitutes a circuit ? What is essential to make current flow in a circuit ? Interact with electric circuits to get answers to these questions and much more.


Fun with Magnets

Magnets are fun to play with anyway, aren't they ? This simulation is designed to take the fun element to a greater level while strengthening your concepts on magnetization and de-magnetization


Speed, Distance & Time

Plot Speed versus Time and Speed versus Distance graphs as a car is driven through various types of ideal and real-life driving conditions. Concept of ETA (estimated time of arrival) is also elucidated on this simulation


Bell Jar

Objective is to understand how sound travels in different medium. A sound producing device is used that sends out a beep every second. Watch how sound waves travel in Air. When sound is sucked out of a bell jar containing the sound device, watch what happens to the volume of sound. Does sound propagate in vacuum ? Compare speed of Sound waves in air with that in water and in a solid steel rod.